Been proving to u, my unconditional love

All i want is in my past, no future left could take me back

I glimpse a shadow through the mist, is it u or is it a dream?

Since we split a part of me has begun drowning piece by piece

How can i still love you? I’m here alone with my fears and my ghosts

We chose to walk on  different paths and here’s the consequence of that, memories and dust

I’ve got this sense of alienation, a kind of pain that can’t be measured

It’s like a scar between the eyes, the kind of mark that u can’t hide

How can i still love you? U desappeared without leaving a trace, all we built has been destroyed

Lost like a drop in the mud, a breath in the air, just memories and dust

Deep in our hearts we both know there’s a secret that can’t be told

There’s an “I” that can’t be shown

There’s a mystery that can’t be known

Down to our souls we both know there’s a place without time and space,

there’s an instant that can’t be defaced

there’s a feeling that can’t be caged

And now… i know why i’m still missing u

How can i still love u? Things change, that’s the way life goes, but in the end i’d die to live our story again … (i’d die) to be in that moment again.

I’ll be missing u (in my)

Memories and dust