There’s a  desert storm, I’m with a gun in my hand, there’s something strange in the air

I lost my happiness… but not my consciousness

A blue bird said “there’s a wound on your chest”, I’m so frightened, I lost my happiness but not my consciousness

Love Love Love, you have no reason to knock on my door

Love Love Love, who knows a doctor who can cure my soul

Oneday I saw a little child, he was crying, he was dying, I felt his pain rising in his eyes

He sacrificed his precious life for another one, another child began to cry

He was ready to live his new life that’s right somebody blessed his life, he is a blessed child

You have to understand, I am what I’m

I feel its magic spell it is a whisper in my ears

I wish you knew what music can do

there’s no way I can change

But there’s a reason for staying that   you may know now

Love, love, love, you have no reason to knock on my door

Love, love, love  who knows  a doctor who can cure  my soul