Tell me what you see, teach me what you feel

Take what you’re dreaming of

It’s a breath, my friend, it’s a breath… this is Life show

Time doesn’t know faces, Time doesn’t know money

You have to get out of here

It’s a breath, my friend, just a breath… this is Life show

Friend, I went to a secret place one year ago

Friend, this place had no name

No name city, No name city

Had no race, had no slaves, had no difference, it’s what we dream for everyone

Where is this place? Where is this space?

Please give me an answer

How can I go to this place?

How can I find this romantic space in this Life show?

Friend this city had no place, you know?

This place is placed beyond the storm

Nowhere city, nowhere city

There’s no map, there’s no path

You have to search it inside you