Paolo Preite is a young singer-songwriter, born in Frascati, Italy (1985). He is a self-taught musician, he plays guitar and harmonica, he has been composing his own music since he was fifteen. His songs touch on a great variety of topics and they go from personal experience to universal themes. Every lyric is heartfelt and it comes from something that is hidden inside. He is capable of making every word real, giving it the deepest meaning possible. Every song is characterized by the presence of real imagination and emotion. Paolo has the valuable ability of making feelings become real, burst out in an intimate complicity with the surroundings. This capacity is strengthened by the distinctive voice that sets him apart from the others. His talented music has also been recognized by many international musicians who have spent words of appreciation and congratulation for his brilliant and evocative work. He worked with the great and well known Musician and Producer Fernando Saunders and Kenny Aronoff (one of the world’s most influential and in-demand drummers) for the recording of his first album in various studios in Ostrava, Los Angeles and Rome. He’s currently working on his next Record.